This is me!
Hi there!
My name is Melissa and I’m an artsy person. Love love love absolutely everything art & craft especially art journaling. I recently moved back to Suriname from the Netherlands. Together with my husband, 3 fabulous kids and pets (dog & some neighborhood cats) I enjoy everyday life and just have fun.
Since I was just a little kid I’ve been writing and drawing. I used to take whatever pen I could find and add it to my collection (driving my parents crazy LOL). And then 4 years ago I found art journaling thanks to a dutch magazine that goes by the lovely name FLOW.
Ohhh WOW!!! I fell head over heels in LOVE!!! That I didn’t think of that myself.
I have been keeping journals (diary) my entire life and occassionally added pictures and drawings but nothing like this.
Yes you guessed it. I’ve been going through the internet, magazines, libraries, name it, in search of everything art journaling and artsy. And there is a lot out there. I’ve been and still am taking several different workshops to learn all kinds of techniques. My favorite is mixed media. Can’t get enough of it.
So when I’m not blogging here, I’m playing elsewhere. 
BIG BIG update.  We moved back to Suriname and busy busy busy of course lol. I’m very happy to be back home with my family. I miss the family I left behind though :( But that’s how it goes right. Can’t have it all. Good thing the Netherlands is only a plane ride away.
I’m still doing the artsy although I don’t have that much time free but I try to put in a little artsy every day. It’s just such a great way to relax. Only problem here is that there are almost no supplies available. So I order everything from the USA. That’s awesome but bad for my wallet lol. There is so much great stuff I want sigh. But anyways keep visiting and join in the artsy fun.

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